The Letamo Difference


The Difference

Many people might search for opportunities to live in a wildlife estate in Gauteng, in an eco estate, or even in a game reserve estate.  


The differences between living on Letamo Game Farm and on those other estates are that: 

  1. Many of these estates have 500+ stands, and the houses are built very close together in order to maximise the development. 
  2. Some of these estates have merely a few antelope roaming around the estate, or they have a separate reserve section for the wildlife.  
  3. Very few of these estates are close to the centre of Johannesburg, Gauteng’s economic hub.  


Farm size, number of stands, and stand sizes 

In contrast, Letamo has 101 houses and 35 stands that are connected by gravel roads and are spread over 600 hectares, with approximately 400 head of game roaming around the entire farm. Letamo’s stand sizes range from 6 000m2 to 27 000m2, with a maximum of 15% of the stand size that may be fenced in – this is typically either a maximum of 3 000m² or 1500m².  

Why is it called a game farm?

Many people understand a game farm to be a place where you go hunting – but that’s definitely not the case with Letamo. It’s called a game farm because large numbers of game are kept and raised on the farm, and some are sold. The farm is not at all open for the public or residents to hunt, although it does use culling to manage the size and productivity of the animal herds.


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